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Confidential Care is in network with most major insurance companies. When you call to schedule an appointment, our Intake Specialist will check your insurance to make sure Confidential Care is in network. If Confidential Care is not in network, you will be notified prior to the start of treatment. Once treatment has begun, Confidential Care will bill your insurance company directly. However, you will be responsible for any co-payments or deductibles at the time of treatment. 

To ensure you have a full understanding of your financial obligations, you may want to contact your insurance company. The following are some topic's frequently discussed with insurance companies:

Network Panel. Ask if your insurance company has a network panel of providers.  If you use a provider in your network, you will likely have greater coverage and/or less out of pocket expenses. Some insurance companies have out of network coverage. Out of network coverage allows you to see a therapist not in your network, usually for lower coverage and/or greater out of pocket expense.

Copayments. A copay is a charge that your insurance company requires you to pay out of pocket for a specific service once the deductible has been paid. For instance, you may have a $20 copay for each office visit.

Deductibles. A deductible is the amount that you must pay out of pocket before your health insurance makes any payments. Depending on your deductible, for instance, you may have to pay $500, or even $5,000, out of pocket before your insurance company will begin making payments on claims. Once the deductible has been paid, copayments typically become due. Copayments are typically much lower in price than deductibles.

Talk to the human resource representative at your place of employment. The HR representative should be able explain your mental health benefits and how to access them according to your insurance policy guidelines.

Payment Arrangements are available for patients whom are under insured, or prefer not to involve the insurance company in their treatment.


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